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The preferred whip used by cattlemen and women today, stockwhips are also popular with whipcracking performers. From 8 to 16 strands, Russell’s stockwhips are custom made with either kangaroo leather or cowhide, as single whips or matched pairs.



Creator of the Brady Signature Line of bullwhips, in partnership with legendary Australian whipcracker, John Brady, Russell Schultz is an expert at handcrafting these light, single-tailed whips, which feature an 11-inch handle and are available in lengths from 6 to 10 feet.

Matched Pairs


Matched pairs are Russell’s specialty. It is the intricate art of making two whips at the same time, and requires plenty of preparation, precision and patience! For Russell, it is a welcome challenge. That is why most of his whips are available in matched pairs.

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