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Thank you!

You have exceeded my expectations in every way!

These whips are stunning to hold! They came out beautiful and are a testimate to your skill as a Master Craftsman!

Though the weather here is a bit damp this morning I had to take them out for a test run.

The feel and balance and weight is perfect!

I am beyond gratified!

These are wonderful whips!

Thank you so much!


Thank You Russell!!!! 

I got the whips! Just Stunning, I love them!!!

I will definitely be making another order soon hopefully!

Very Happy Customer!


I received the whips today, and could not be more impressed. I actually spent more time just looking at the whips than actually cracking them. One thing that I often notice about a whip right away are the strand drops. Since the execution was so flawless, I had to search hard for them. I originally intended to use them regularly for two-handed practice, but after seeing how beautiful they are, I'm now too afraid of scuffing them up!


Thank you very much, 


I am pleased to say that the whip arrived today and it has exceeded my expectations. 

It will be a treasured possession of our family for years to come. 


Thank you ever so much for your amazing matched pair of stock whips. Picked them up at customs yesterday and was stunned. When I had to unpack them the officers sat there with wide eyes. Apparently, they had never seen such a result of outstanding craftsmanship.

 I consider your whips two pieces of art that do an excellent job. Could not wait to get home to try them out.Got them out again behind the customs building and immediately started cracking. The three of us are made for each other. My wife was breathless because of the terrific pattern. You did a perfect job and made a passionate German whip cracker extremely happy.

 It is a long way to "Hassett’s 4 corners“ but with your whips it is already half way down the road. 

 Thanks again for providing that special experience to me. Still very excited and with kindest regards from Berlin,



Whips delivered this morning, thank you!

It's clear you have spent a lot of time on my matched pair, the workmanship is amazing. I'm pleased with your attention to detail, communication and pride; hope to do more business with you in the future, Kindly,


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